Hosting the Best Dance Class: A Dance Instructor’s Guide

Good dance instructors are difficult to come by. Teaching as a profession involves, a great deal of skill, patience and passion for the subject being taught. The true and actual payment for good dance instructors is when they see their dance students dancing on the ladder of success.

When dance students join a dance class, they have lots of expectations from their dance instructor. Though dancing is a passion for both -the students as well as the dance instructor, it is how the instructor conducts the class, that decides the fate of the students.

Here are tips to enhance your skills as a dance instructor and will help you shape the future of many great dancers. To be an awesome dance instructor you must;

  1. Love dance and love teaching dance to others: You are in the
    dancing profession and you cannot not love dance. Dancing has to be your craving and teaching your means to satisfy this hunger.
  2. Support and motivate students: Great teachers are always a source of unlimited encouragement to their students. The performance of students is of a different level when there is an atmosphere of positivity in the class.
  3. Show empathy and be adaptive to your students need: Rigidity has never achieved anything. Being rigid with you students indicates that you do not care. Being flexible and sensitive will show them that you can understand them and support them.
  4. Cultivate relationships and build a community: Your dance class should be a place that the students look forward to come to. Relationships in a dance class should not be just that of a teacher and students, it should be like one big whole family.
  5. Keep growing as dancer: Life is a continuous process of learning. You die as an artist the day you stop learning. Keep updating yourselves with the new styles and trends and impart those amongst your dance students.
  6. Reputation, education, experience: To earn the respect of your students it is important that you have the appropriate education, experience and reputation in your field. Attaining certificates from reputable institutes and collating experience is the prerequisite of any teacher.
  7. Patience and dedication: Not all students are the same. You need loads of patience to be able to handle the ones who need more attention or the ones who are over smart.
  8. Self- Awareness: It is important to keep a check on yourself and see how you are conducting yourself in the classroom.
  9. Good preparation and good class management: An under prepared teacher wastes precious time.  Prepare the lesson of the day and develop your skills as a student manager.
  10. Open communication: A dance instructor should be able to instill a sense of confidence in her students. Students should be able to boldly approach their teacher and provide feedback when asked for.

As the future of many dance students lies with the dance instructor, it is vital that the dance instructor professes to be the best.